The City of Baxter would like to make everyone aware of a new animal shelter that has recently opened just north of the City of Lakeshore. The Babinski Foundation Animal Shelter is a multi-million dollar facility that has just opened and is looking to assist in serving sheltering needs of animals in our community.

The City of Baxter is currently under contract with Heartland Animal Rescue Team (HART) to provide services related to dog calls in the city. The contract, services provided and costs related to the dog calls are governed by our city ordinance addressing dog issues.   At this time Baxter does not have an ordinance addressing cats and neither city staff nor our contracted parties will respond to cat calls.

With the opening of the Babinski Foundation Animal Shelter the city is hopeful that this will offer solutions to those who find themselves facing issues with either stray cats or possibly a pet cat that they can no longer care for. The shelter is a no cost option available to assist individuals who would have nowhere else to turn to with the cats.

The Babinski Foundation wants everyone to know that in addition to helping us with cat issues they will always accept dogs as well. Their mission is to provide shelter for all animals no matter who delivers them to their doorstep.  We are thankful for this new resource and hope it finds success in our area.

Detailed information on the Babinski Foundation can be found at