Utility Bill Auto Pay Program

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What is the Utility Bill Auto Pay Program?

For your convenience, the City of Baxter’s Utility Bill Auto Pay program is a service that pays your utility bill automatically every month. This free service allows you to have your utility bill with us automatically deducted from your checking or savings account on a recurring monthly basis.

What are the Advantages of Utility Bill Auto Pay?

  1. It’s convenient to you because you will not have to write and mail a check every month, plus it saves postage if you provide your monthly residential meter reading by email or online.  Best of all, it’s FREE; there are no fees!
  2. It’s dependable, because Utility Bill Auto Pay ensures your payment is prompt, even if you’re on vacation or out of town.  It also helps you maintain good credit.

How does Utility Bill Auto Pay work?

Your monthly bill will be automatically deducted from your bank account on the 5th of the month, or the nearest business day if the 5th day of the month is a weekend or legal holiday, providing adequate time to review your utility bill in case you have any billing questions. You will still receive a bill every month indicating the amount that will be automatically withdrawn from your account.  Proof of payment for the automatic deduction will appear on your monthly bank statement.

Upon the city receiving your Utility Bill Auto Pay application, the next available month’s utility billing will be processed with a “prenote” with to ensure everything is set up properly.  Upon a successful prenote transaction, the following month’s bill will be ready to be deducted from your designated checking or savings account.  Once you’ve enrolled in Utility Bill Auto Pay and the automatic service is in effect for you, your utility billing statement will show a message stating your bill will be automatically paid.  Until your utility billing statement shows the message, please continue to pay any bills you receive by your usual payment method.

How do I sign up for Utility Bill Auto Pay?

To enroll in Utility Bill Auto Pay, complete the form and attach a voided check for a checking account or a deposit slip for a savings account to it.  Drop off at City Hall or mail both items to City of Baxter now or with your next bill payment. We’ll take care of the rest.

Questions? Call us at (218) 454-5121 or email ub@baxtermn.gov