Rental Housing

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The Rental Housing Inspection and Licensing Program was implemented in 2005, for the primary purpose of preserving public safety by providing safe, sanitary and adequate housing for its citizens.

The program objectives include:

  1. Protection and preservation of the stability and residential character of residential areas in the city.
  2. The prevention and correction of housing conditions that adversely affect the life, safety, health and general well being of persons occupying dwellings in the city.
  3. The establishment of minimum standards for light, ventilation, cooling, heating and sanitary equipment necessary to ensure the health and safety of occupants of dwellings.
  4. The establishment of minimum standards for the maintenance of residential dwellings.
  5. The prevention of the emergence of blighted and deteriorating housing in the city.
  6. The prevention of overcrowding of rental dwellings.
  7. The preservation of the value of land and buildings in the city.

Any rental property in the City is required to have a rental dwelling license. Applications for registration must be made by the owner of a rental dwelling and filed with the housing official.

Please contact the Building Official at 218-454-5113 with any questions.