Planning & Zoning FAQ

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Staff has collected some of the most commonly asked questions from citizens that they encounter on a daily basis regarding planning issues. These questions and associated answers are below.

Disclaimer: This section is to be only used as a guide, some of the following information may differ on a case by case basis, or as regulations change. City Staff will gladly meet with you to discuss any additional questions or concerns.
  • Accessory Structures: Sheds and Garages

    • Are the steel shelters or the vinyl tarp structures allowed as a shed?

    • Can I live in my garage, or rent a room out in my garage?

    • How big of a garage can I build?

    • How many accessory structures can I have on my lot?

    • I have an empty lot, can I build a garage or shed on it?

    • I live on a lake, where can I put my garage, or shed?

    • What are the setbacks for accessory structures?

    • What does my accessory structure have to look like?

    • What type of permit do I need?

  • Fences

    • Are there setbacks for my fence on property lines?

    • Do I need a permit to install a fence?

    • I have a commercial/industrial lot what kind of fence is allowed?

    • Is there a limit on the height of a fence that I can put up on my property?

    • My house is setback further than the minimum required front setback how high can I have a fence?

    • What side of the fence can face outward?

  • Planning and Zoning General Questions

    • What are the setbacks for my property?

    • I have been told I can’t do something with my property due to zoning regulations; can I apply for a Variance?

    • I want to split my lot, what do I have to do?

    • What is my property zoned?

  • Shoreland Overlay District

    • I live on a lake, what are the setbacks from the lake?

    • I plan on remodeling my lake home or building a new home are there any special requirements?

    • I want to move some soil around in my property, do I need a special permit?

    • The OHWL on my property is further than the actual edge of the water, what can I do in that area.

    • What are those additional restrictions/requirements?

    • What is the Shoreland Overlay District?