Planning & Zoning

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The City of Baxter has an established Zoning ordinance and Zoning map. The City’s Zoning ordinance is a tool used to implement the land use goals of the Comprehensive Plan. It sets forth regulations and standards for how land may be used by property owners and protects the health, safety and welfare of the public. All land within the City has a land-use designation which is shown on the Future Land Use Plan in the Comprehensive plan and a zoning designation on the Zoning Map.The Zoning Ordinance contains text which sets forth city standards for the development and use of individual lots and buildings within each district. These standards establish minimum lot size, yard requirements, number of households permitted per lot (density), maximum building size, lot coverage, placement of buildings, on-site parking, signs, lighting, and other parameters on how property may be used.

The Community Development Staff enforces zoning regulations on a day-to-day basis, reviews all proposed development applications for compliance and processes applications for development approvals. They also issue zoning permits for things like sheds, fences, temporary signs, and special events.

The City’s Planning & Zoning Commission is made up of five resident board members and holds public hearings on certain development applications and makes recommendations to the City Council on development applications. The City’s Architectural Review Commission, also made up of five residents, reviews buildings for architectural compliance and make recommendation to the City Council.