Industrial Park Lot Purchase Information

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City Lot Costs

The buyer will be responsible for assessments, legal fees and closing costs.

Note: Assessments do not include water and sewer availability fee. Contact City Public Works Director for calculation based on use.

Site Purchase

Meetings with Staff

City staff or the Brainerd Lakes Area Development Corporation (BLADC) staff are available to provide information on the park and BLADC staff have the required materials to be completed by the prospects. Prospects must complete the Industrial Park Business Inventory Checklist and match their use to the Park’s Mission Statement.

Note: Be advised that these staff members have no authority to recommend prospects or give commitment to prospects regarding property purchases.

Other Requirements

  1. Land costs, assessments, and all closing costs (including abstract and legal) are due and payable on date of closing. On a case-by-case basis, the city council may consider allowing the company to pay the assessments over time.
  2. The city will require landscaping and tree planting to insure that the development has a positive appearance and to maintain a “north woods” look to the Park. Plans shall follow Baxter zoning, landscaping and screening requirements.

Lots that are sold in an unimproved status may be subject to an assessment agreement.

Purchasers must start construction within one year of date of purchase of property (closing date) and the building and site improvement must be completed within one year from that start date. (Date Bldg. permit is issued) (This will be a covenant on the deed)