Yard Waste

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Options for Disposing of Leaves

Residents have several options to consider for leaf disposal, including hauling the leaves to a drop off site or compost site, having a waste service pick up the bagged leaves, engaging a lawn service to gather and dispose of the leaves, composting them on-site, or burning the leaves when dry, if located where burning is allowed.

City of Baxter Leaf Drop Off Site

The City of Baxter offers a leaf disposal site for Baxter residents. The previous leaf disposal site located on Mapleton Road was closed due to implementation of the Well Protection Plan that the City of Baxter has developed to ensure safe Municipal drinking water for the future. No leaves will be accepted at the former leaf disposal site on Mapleton Road. Instead, the City of Baxter has partnered with Hengel’s Ready Mix and Construction, Inc. to provide a leaf disposal site which is operational during specified time periods in the Spring and Fall. Please check the “News” section of the website for dates and hours of operation.

There is no charge to Baxter residents to dispose of leaves at the site during these times. If you drop off leaves during any times other than the specified collection dates and times, you will be charged approximately $8 per pickup load. Hengel’s will only accept leaves, no brush, tree trimmings or garbage will be accepted. All items other than leaves will need to be coordinated with Hengel’s front office for disposal.

Hengel’s is located approximately 5 miles west of Baxter on the north side of State Hwy 210 at 12883 Upper Sylvan Rd SW. Once inside the yard, follow the signs to the Baxter leaf drop-off site.

Northland Arboretum

The Northland Arboretum, located on Conservation Drive, off of Excelsior Rd, accepts leaves from the public. The leaves are managed to produce compost which residents can later use for landscaping and gardening. The hours to drop off leaves can be obtained by contacting the Northland Arboretum at 218-829-8770

Crow Wing County Sanitary Landfill

The Crow Wing County Sanitary Landfill takes leaves, grass clippings, vegetative matter and brush at no cost. Transported leaves must either be bagged or covered with a tarp (Minnesota law). The landfill is open Monday – Saturday from 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. There is no cost to residents for these yard wastes.

Commercial Waste Services

Residents can have bagged leaves picked up at the street by commercial waste haulers, eliminating the need to haul them to another location.  The following companies provide leaf pick up services in the City of Baxter: Blue Lakes Disposal (828-4558), Waste Partners (824-8727) and Nisswa Sanitation (963-4758).  Residents can contact these businesses for prices and to arrange to have their leaves picked up at the numbers provided.

Lawn Services

Lawn service businesses exist in the area which can be hired to gather and remove leaves from your property, eliminating all of the work.  These businesses can be contacted through local business directories.

Backyard Composting

An environmental-friendly means of managing yard wastes is by creating your own backyard compost pile.  This practice allows for the recycling of yard waste throughout the year, producing compost which can be used for gardening and landscaping mulch.  There are several sources of information on how to compost yard wastes, including University of Minnesota Extension Bulletin: Composting and Mulching, A Guide to Managing Organic Yard Waste.  This publication is a comprehensive guide for anyone wanting to learn about composting, building a compost area, and how composting works.  This bulletin (BU-03296) can be viewed at or can be obtained through the Crow Wing County Extension Office.  The Crow Wing County Soil and Water Conservation District is selling low-cost compost bins. Additional information can be obtained by contacting the SWCD Office at (218) 828-6197.


The least preferred means of getting rid of leaves is burning them.  The burning of leaves generates smoke and odors, emits particulates into the air, and can pose a fire danger.  Each year the City receives comments from residents ranging from concerns about unattended fires, limited driving visibility because of smoke, being annoyed by smoke and odors, and suffering health complications associated with the airborne particulates.  These concerns have prompted the City Council to amend the open burning ordinance and only permit burning of leaves in limited areas. .