As spring approaches we will once again see the increased risk of wildfire in our area. We remind all Baxter residents the city has a very strict ordinance regarding open burning.  It is key to the safety of our community that everyone abides by the rules of this ordinance.  The open burning ordinance can be found under Chapter 3, section 4-3 of the city code.

Leaf burning in the city is now regulated and there is a map attached outlining permitted burn areas. The purpose of the “Leaf Burning Map” was to help reduce health concerns by limiting the areas in which leaves can be burned.  It should be noted that individuals may still conduct recreational or camp fires within the city as long as they are in compliance with the ordinance definition.

Also, residents will still be allowed to burn other wood products as defined in the ordinance. This type of burn is not restricted by the new map but a permit will be required.  The permits can be obtained through the DNR website.

If you do not have web access you may request a permit through the Brainerd Fire Department. They will work with you to ensure the site is safe and suitable for the requested burn.