When you drive into Baxter on State Highway 371 or on State Highway 210, do you have opinions about how these roadway corridors should look or develop into the future?  The intent of the study is to evaluate Gateway Standards for the City of Baxter and determine what zoning amendments are required.  The City of Baxter’s Comprehensive Plan (adopted in 2015) states that the City needs to develop a new Business Gateway Zoning District for properties guided Business Gateway in the area between College Road and County Road 48 on Highway 371.  The Comprehensive Plan also states that Gateway Standards should be established for land on both sides of State Highway 371 from County Road 48 to the southern boundary of the City of Baxter and on the north side of State Highway 210 from west of Norway drive to the western boundary of the City of Baxter.

Please consider attending an open house on Monday, April 22, 2019 starting at 5:30 p.m. at Journey North Church located at 6785 Woida Road, Baxter, MN  56425.  The open house is designed to allow casual individual conversation between you and city officials regarding gateway requirements to receive your feedback.

If you are unable to attend the open house but have still comments, please visit the City website at www.baxtermn.gov/gateway-standards-study/ to submit your comments.  There is a tab that says, “Click Here to Enter Residential Zoning District Study Comments”.  You may also submit comments to the City anytime by sending a letter, an email or give us a call.