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News and Announcements

Baxter Cemetery

Cemeteries are peaceful places to visit loved ones that have passed. Those visiting may wonder, “Can I plant flowers in the Baxter cemetery?”. Cemetery regulations do not allow for the planting of trees, shrubs, or perennials on any lot. This is done not to inconvenience families, but to ensure the grounds remain beautiful for all visitors.  Artificial flowers and solar lighting are permitted one week prior to Memorial Day through June 15th of each year. Please do not leave any food, beverages, glass, china or tin jars as they are not allowed and will be removed. Cemetery staff encourages the use of shepherd hooks or elevated plant stands to prevent damage by lawn mowers.

The City reserves the right to remove all items that do not  conform  to  these  rules.




2017 Drinking Water Report

The City of Baxter is issuing the results of monitoring done on its drinking water for the period from January 1, 2017 to December 31, 2017.  The purpose of this report is to advance consumers’ understanding of drinking water and heighten awareness of the need to protect precious water resources.

The Consumer Confidence Report is not being directly mailed to all customers; however a copy is available upon request or may be downloaded below. Please call (218) 454-5115 if you have questions about the City of Baxter drinking water, would like to request a copy of the report or would like information about opportunities for public participation in decisions that may affect the quality of the water.

2017 Drinking Water Report

Leaf Disposal

This spring the City of Baxter will once again collaborate with Hengel’s Ready Mix and Construction, Inc. to provide a free leaf disposal site for Baxter residents.  Hengel’s will charge a small fee for brush disposal.

Due to winter trying to hold on, leaf disposal has been delayed.  A new schedule will be announced as soon as it is set. 



2018 Cypress Drive Improvements

The City of Baxter’s long-awaited street project to construct and expand Cypress Drive into four lanes between College Road and Excelsior Road is moving closer to implementation. Bidding is planned for May with construction anticipated to start between the end of June and early July. Construction will be staged over two years with the 2018 construction season focusing on the project area north of Industrial Park Road and the 2019 construction season focusing on the project area south of Industrial Park Road. The new railroad grade crossing at TH 210 will not be opened to traffic until the fall of 2019.

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While City staff works hard to maintain our public streets, potholes push their way to the surface of our streets from time to time. Often potholes are caused by the spring “freeze/thaw cycle” when water seeps into the cracks in the driving surfaces and expand to damage the pavement.

Unable to inspect each street on a daily basis, the City encourages Baxter residents to report potholes at 218-454-5115 or publicworks@baxtermn.gov. Please be sure to provide an accurate description of the location (address or nearest intersection) of the pothole and we will add the location to our pothole repair schedule. While the City doesn’t have the authority to repair private streets, such as the northerly portion of Baxter Drive, the City does work with the property owners to properly address potholes found on their streets.


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