The City Council has recently amended the Open Burning section of the City Code. The purpose of the amendment is to clarify open burning and to make adjustments to conform to Minnesota Statutes regulating open burning.

In summary, the ordinance amendment contains four major changes.

  1. The definition of open burning was improved to allow open burning without requiring any matter, including leaves, to be fully enclosed.
  2. The restriction of no open burning during the period of April 1 thought May 15 was removed. There is no statutory restriction for this period of time.
  3. Applicants will be able to acquire a burning permit through the DNR’s website or the Brainerd Fire Department.
  4. The burning of leaves will only be allowed during the period of September 15 through December 1, as allowed in Minnesota Statute 116.082.   In addition, leaf burning continues to be restricted to the areas designated on the Leaf Burning Map. 

A copy of the ordinance and leaf burning map can be found here.

Open Burning Ordinance.

Leaf Burning Map