The City of Baxter is completing a study of Gateway Standards and we want to hear from you!    Please review the study description(below) provide the City with any comments that you have.  You may submit comments to the City anytime using the comment feature below.  Any comments received will be entered into public record as part of the study.


The intent of the study is to evaluate Gateway Standards for the City of Baxter and determine what zoning amendments are required to provide gateway standards.  The City of Baxter’s Comprehensive Plan is the City’s guide for growth and was updated in 2015.  The Comprehensive Plan states that the City needs to develop a new Business Gateway Zoning District for the areas that were guided Business Gateway on the Future Land Use Plan (pictured below).  The Comprehensive plan also states that the City needs to develop Gateway Standards for land on both sides of State Highway 371 from County Road 48 to the southern boundary of the City of Baxter and on the north side of State Highway 210 from west of Norway drive to the western boundary of the City of Baxter.