Throughout construction, traffic operations and circulation are continuing to be reviewed. A recent concern raised is with the traffic exiting the area traveling on Edgewood Drive to Woida Road to continue north on TH 371 to avoid Excelsior Road. With the increased traffic at this intersection turning right from Edgewood Drive to Woida Road will become more difficult.

In order to provide gaps for traffic to make this movement, a stop sign will be installed stopping eastbound Woida Road allowing northbound Edgewood Drive traffic to more easily turn right. Westbound Woida Road traffic will not be required to stop as it operates today. Warning signs indicating the change in traffic control will be provided in advance of the intersection on all approaches. This will be a temporary condition used only during construction. These signs will be installed on Friday May 25, 2018. A map showing the location of the new stop sign is shown below.

Please Contact Chuck Rickart at 612-360-1283, Project Manager, or Mark Skogen at 218-821-3940, Construction Observer, if you have questions. We appreciate your patience during this construction process. Please drive safely through the construction zone.