Crossing Study Overview

The purpose of the study is to identify bike/pedestrian crossing improvements along Highway 371 at the signals as well as potential opportunities to construct a grade-separated crossing within the study area. Within the study area, there are existing traffic signals at Excelsior Road and Woida Road, with marked pedestrian crosswalks and pedestrian walk signals. These intersections are far apart, so pedestrians have to walk long distances to cross Highway 371. The study will also look for east-west trail connection opportunities. The City Comprehensive Plan identifies future trails at Clearwater Road and Woida Road, which will provide multimodal connections to and across Highway 371.

Policy Study Overview

The purpose of the study is to create a bike/pedestrian policy for use when reviewing roadway improvement projects in the City. Within the study area, there are 85 miles of roadway. The Policy Study will examine existing infrastructure, nation-wide best practices, and ways that Baxter can implement safe and cost-effective bicycle and pedestrian improvements.