The City of Baxter is considering improvements for sanitary sewer, water, storm sewer and roadway improvements to the North Forestview Area in 2019 including but not limited to Forestview Drive, Land O Lakes Road, Laredo Road, Fuschia Drive, Scenic River Drive, Mississippi Road, Camwood Trail and Chestnut Drive.  A map of the project area is attached.You may have noticed Bolton & Menk Survey Crews in the area. They are beginning to gather right-of- way and topographic survey information for use in the planning and design of the proposed improvements. You can expect survey crews to be on-site for about the next three weeks. If you know of property corner locations, existing drainage issues, or have improvements, such as irrigation lines or heads, in or near the right-of-way please bring this to the attention of the surveyor to locate.

In the next couple of weeks you will see utility companies marking the location of their infrastructure and Braun Intertec performing borings to identify project soil characteristics and ground water elevations.

We anticipate holding an initial public information meeting in the coming weeks. At the meeting we will discuss existing conditions, proposed improvements, project schedule, project implementation, assessment procedures and what to expect during construction. The project is currently scheduled for construction in 2019.

We would greatly appreciate your input during the preliminary development phase of the project.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Bryan Drown, the project engineer, at 218-821-5242 or Bryan.Drown@bolton-