The City of Baxter hunting map has seen some changes over the past few years.  Please review the map if you are planning on doing any hunting within the city limits. The map identifies where hunting is permitted and what type of weapon can be used in each designated area. As a reminder, hunters still need written permission from the property owner to hunt. It is also the responsibility of the hunter to know if hunting is permitted on the land which they are hunting.

There have been some significant changes to the map in 2018 in which the city has added additional land in which to bow hunt.  These additions came at the request of citizens.  Should you have land that you would like to see added to the map please contact city staff at the police department or the planning department.  Generally, the map is reviewed once a year so those proposals would be noted and reviewed at that time.

In addition to the zones indicated on this map, hunting is subject to other restrictions set forth in Section 5-1-4 of the City Code. It should be noted that a permit from the Baxter Police Department is required when hunting big game, small game, or participating in target practice within the Baxter city limits.

As a reminder no rifles may be discharged within the city limits.  Only bows, shotguns and muzzleloaders are allowed and may be used in accordance with the adopted hunting map. No firearm shall be discharged with 500 feet of a residence or building. The city of Baxter does not sponsor special hunts, so all hunting is subject to State and Federal laws.

Please feel free to contact the Baxter Police Department should you have any questions on these regulations or hunting within the city limits. The adopted hunting map can be viewed here:

2018 Hunting Map