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    Berrywood Park Berrywood park located south of College Rd
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News and Announcements

City Implements Utility Franchise Fees to Fund Street Maintenance and Street Lighting Programs

The City of Baxter’s street system is one of the most valuable and costly assets owned by the city. Extending the asset’s life through regular maintenance with a pavement management plan (PMP) provides the lowest possible cost to the city and its stakeholders.  A PMP uses actual condition data to estimate the best time to complete maintenance activities.   Regular maintenance, including a sealcoating program, extends the life of streets and lowers the overall cost of the street investment by avoiding the need for more frequent and costly reconstruction projects.

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Are You Eligible for a Property Tax Refund?

The State of Minnesota provides tax relief to homeowners and renters whose property taxes are high relative to their incomes. Minnesota has a Regular Property Tax Refund program for renters and homeowners and the Special Property Tax Refund program for homeowners.  Homeowners may be eligible for one or both refunds, depending on household income and the amount of property taxes paid on the primary Minnesota residence. The refund program was expanded with 2011 and 2013 tax laws.  If you did not qualify in the past, you may now be eligible for a refund.

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Golf Course Drive Special Assessment Public Hearing

Notice is hereby given the City of Baxter City Council will meet at 6:00 p.m. on Thursday, July 7, 2016 at the Baxter City Hall, Baxter, Minnesota, to consider, and possibly adopt, the proposed assessment for the 2016 Golf Course Drive Improvement Project, an improvement of the roadway from Excelsior Road to Woida Road. The total cost of the improvement has been determined to be $1,431,375.  Adoption by the Council of the proposed assessment may occur at the hearing.  Areas to be assessed include abutting properties along Golf Course Drive from Excelsior Road to Woida Road including properties abutting Par Drive and Fairway Drive. 

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Water Meter Replacement Project


If you have City water service, you will soon be getting a new meter. Baxter will be implementing what’s known as a fixed network Automated Metering Infrastructure (AMI) system to automatically read all of the water meters in the city, eliminating the need for residents to read their own meter. This water infrastructure project is being funded with proceeds from the city’s local option sales tax and will result in no utility charge to the customer.

Letters will be mailed out in a few weeks, requesting you to schedule an appointment to have your meter(s) replaced and a radio installed. Until notification is received, homeowners aren’t required to do anything. In fact, it’s not possible to schedule an appointment prior to receiving notification. The first water meter replacements are expected to begin around mid-July.

Construction Work Zones

The 2016 construction season is underway and motorists driving throughout the City of Baxter will be seeing City crews and contracted construction work over the next several months. Besides increased traffic on the local roadways, motorists should be prepared for slower moving traffic, lane closures and detours resulting from road construction work. Remember to use extra caution and practice safe driving habits when driving through works zones to avoid injury to City crews.


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Meeting Calendar

June 27, 2016
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June 29, 2016
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